About Bernardo


moi In many ways the Carp! pieces represent an apex in what I have tried to create over the years. I’ve always enjoyed pairing the clever engineering skills of Man with those of Nature. These juxtapositions have complemented rather than opposed one another. I have tried to find the natural beauty inherent in each form, whether natural or man-made, and reveal a relationship which in hindsight seems almost obvious in each example. I have also enjoyed exploring the inherent plasticity of the sculptural medium and feel that the process lends itself well to the type of quirky and unusual images I have tried to convey.


I grew up in and around the Chicago area. I attended the School of the Art Institute for a year and had several apprenticeships where I was able to learn a lot about the lost wax process and the making of cast artwork. Later I spent a number of years working at the Johnson Atelier where I was able to hone my skills further. Most recently I had the opportunity to enlarge one of my automotive pieces up to monumental proportions for a wealthy foreign collector.