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Some Backstory Pt. 3

After going through my car spotters guide I settled on a 1950 Oldsmobile. I’ve always loved the GM cars from the 50′s, both the production cars as well as the concept cars from that era and the Olds just had a look I liked. Even though it’s been a number of years, I can remember that the sculpting went really just flowed out. Sometimes I get the impression that the clay is talking to me, almost telling me what I should’s a funny little feeling. Anyway after about three hours of work I had something that I was pretty happy with.

Some Backstory Pt. 2

As I went through the book ‘Chinese Goldfish’ I was struck by several things. The amazing fluid beauty of the fish and their fins and tails as they floated and glided through the water and also the amazing variety of different heads that the long (over 700 years) of breeding had managed to produce. I realized that this project could be much more ambitious than merely creating one piece to exemplify my idea.  I realized I could make a whole series of them owing to the many types of goldfish and the huge number of beloved 50′s cars.

I have for many years had copies of ‘American Car Spotters Guide’ by Tad Burness.

Car spotters guide

Car spotters guide

These books are very lo-fi but are totally useful for getting familiar with all of the various models of cars that were produced over certain periods of time (the book covering the 40′s thru the early 60′s being my favorite one).  I’ve gone through them so many times that they’ve fallen apart. After studying the goldfish book I settled down with my car spotters guide and started to look for an interesting car…

Some Backstory

I was asked today how I came up with the idea for this project.
Way back in the day, when the internet was still young..around 2003 or so..I was working in my shop, and as was the case for some of my best ideas, an image sort of swam up from my subconscious, in this case of a car attached to a fishes body. I liked the thought and made a sketch to remember the idea. I set it aside and sort of forgot about it.
A while later on a trip to the library with the kids I noticed an interesting book of glossy photos titled ‘Chinese Goldfish’ whilst poking through the stacks.51SZN6HY91L
As I looked at the pictures of the ornate goldfish with all of their beautiful and unusual varieties of heads, bodies and flowing fins I realized that these would make the perfect vehicle for my car/fish idea. I took the book home and pored over the images. be cont.d

On the air..

Hey this is Bernardo. Welcome to my new website, Carp by Bernardo. On this blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the ongoing Carp project and will also be sharing memories as well as special offers on uniquely painted or produced Carp.

So stay tuned in to be on top of all things Carp!