Some Backstory

I was asked today how I came up with the idea for this project.
Way back in the day, when the internet was still young..around 2003 or so..I was working in my shop, and as was the case for some of my best ideas, an image sort of swam up from my subconscious, in this case of a car attached to a fishes body. I liked the thought and made a sketch to remember the idea. I set it aside and sort of forgot about it.
A while later on a trip to the library with the kids I noticed an interesting book of glossy photos titled ‘Chinese Goldfish’ whilst poking through the stacks.51SZN6HY91L
As I looked at the pictures of the ornate goldfish with all of their beautiful and unusual varieties of heads, bodies and flowing fins I realized that these would make the perfect vehicle for my car/fish idea. I took the book home and pored over the images. be cont.d